Margin of Eras 2014

In September 2014, CUE infiltrated Toronto’s municipal elections with a surreal brand of artistic intervention.



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Click here to learn about the Margin of Eras Political Platform

The “campaign” culminated in a pop-up arts exhibition featuring the work of 45 emerging artists supported by CUE over the past year.


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The 2014 Margin of Eras team:

Creative Directors: Zanette Singh, Jason Samilski
Lead Curators: Heather Fulton, Lauren Satok
Artist Coordinator: Ashton Shearer
Literary Coordinator: Shangeetha Jeyamanohar
Music Coordinator: Ayo Leilani
Video: Jake Lopez
Printmaking: Rosa Mindreau
Construction: Joce, Jake Lopez
Narrative and Media consultation (pro-bono): Jay Pitter
Bartenders: Mel Coleman, Brandon Quinn
Volunteers: Kiana Browne, Abbey Huggan, Saulis Tribinevicius

Visual artists: Richael Laking, Heather Fulton, S Mantyka, Salomeh Ahmadi, Amelia Spedaliere, Yamandu Sztainbok, Kiana Browne, Alexis Jackson, Christina Alexander Melia Michel, Sab Meynert, Tings Chak, Tee Fergus, Tim Hunter, Jesi the Elder, Huda Tariq, Josh Vettivelu, Shades of Browe (Afi and Malaika Browne), Whitney French, Samay Arcentales Cajas, Dujean Williams, Kitsune Soleil, Shaughn Martel, Brendon McNaughton, Julianne Ess, Ryan Dela Cruz, Huda Eldardiry, Daniel Pessole

Music performances: Lola Bunz, Dynesti Williams, Chris Gayle, Ikeno Issacs, Rohl, Heavy Steve, Xolisa

Dance performance: BUCC N FLVR

Collaborative literary performance: Mammie Monah Water, Chiedza Pasipanodya, Fan Wu, Whitney French, Khari Richards

Live DJs: DJ Sun Sun, DJ Bambi Yung Bambii

MEDIA: “An open letter from the margins to the Toronto mayoral candidates”
Globe and Mail “Youth art infiltrates Toronto election campaign”
Toronto Star “Election Ephemera: Keeping it surreal”
Radio Regent “The Truth with Ari Goldkind” (interview last 10 mins.)


Margin of Eras 2014 was supported by:

OAClogo cue_sponsorlogos_2014-otfcue_sponsorlogosv2_laidlawcue_sponsorlogos_2014platformATAFlogo_smallercue_sponsorlogos_2014_sketch


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