Margin of Eras 2013

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In July 2013, CUE took over an abandoned convenience store in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood, and transformed the space into a temporary art gallery that featured the work of 22 CUE-funded artists.


Margin of Eras 2013

Big money is bulldozing, and causing seismic shifts in the underground. The dream was purchased unconditionally before it even went up for sale, but not all of us are buying it. Voices from secret uprisings and visions far past the beyond are not partaking in the larger lie. For artists, mainstream institutions and conventional roads often miss the swing of things, and they do not resonate with everyone. Not all minds can limbo under art-speak, or twist themselves into commercial requirements, and not all hands practice a steady shake between the hours of 9 and 5. Because of this, many voices go completely unrealized, as they cannot, and often will not conform to conservative standards. And so, these far-off visions are often passed by—pushed to the brink of visionary extinction by a capitalized, industrialized, technologized, and insanitized society—but if you stand back for two seconds and listen, you can actually hear the garden growing underground.

To see samples of artwork exhibited, please hover over “Artists” tab on the menu.

Margin of Eras team:

Project Coordinators: Zanette Singh, Jason Samilski
Senior Artists and Mentors: Lauren Satok, Mia Solomon, Dynesti Williams, Benjamin Hackman
Curatorial Team: Sarah Bodri, Nancy Clemo
Guest artists: Amy Markanda, Ashton Shearer
Wheat-paste Crew: Richard Dalton, Ross Thomson, Alaric XXX, Sadie Marshall
Video and Catering: Jake Lopez
Graphic Design: Maureen Mendoza (Website)
Live jazz: The Happy Pals Quintet
Live DJ: Nino Brown
Cocktail Extraordinaire: Mel Coleman
Artists exhibiting work: Isaac Weber, Jennifer L. Jones, Vishwa Bhatt, Docta Cartoonz, Steve Mantyka, Brandon Appleton, Pascal Trudel, Jamiyla Lowe, Jesi the Elder, Omar Samara, Lisa Petrunia, Sarah Bodri, Zachary Burgess, Angela Loft, Aaron Razor, Brad Ladoucer, Eshan Rafi, Afi Browne, Kiana Browne, Marjorie Francis, Nadijah Robinson, Josh Vettivelu, Nyle Johnston.
Reading/literary performance: Randell Adjei, Larissa Diakiw, Jessica Goldman, Skyboxx, Patrick Walters, Dynesti Williams. Hosted by Banoo Zan
Project Advisors: Phyllis Novak, Rudy Ruttimann, Sandra Brewster, Dale Roy
Social Media Interns: Danielle Boyer, Laura Satori, Jonsaba Jabbi

Made possible with support from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Laidlaw Foundation, Toronto Community Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, and SKETCH.

Transforming the abandoned convenience store

Millions of cutouts later…

Creating the window mural

Time’s Up

Opening Party


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