Dynesti Williams is a multi-talented performer from Toronto, Ontario who is gaining city-wide recognition as a singer, rapper, actress, and arts educator.

Her art sparks a variety of emotions in people that can have them dancing freely in the streets one moment, and burning banks in the name freedom the next. Dynesti’s music touches on serious topics that promote self-acceptance, unity, spirituality, and intellectual power. To hear more of Dynesti’s work visit www.VoiceofADynesti.com.

After facing many obstacles in her life including mental-health issues, homelessness, and sexual abuse, Dynesti Williams has emerged. “The Baptism EP” (non-religious) is a raw, refreshing, feel-good introduction destined to make listeners dive into consciousness through hip-hop/soul. The Baptism is as it sounds, a rebirth. The vulnerable yet strong EP takes listeners on a journey through emotions of doubt and despair, self-love and resilience. The EP was created to combat the voices in our heads that tell us that we are not enough. Complete with “Arson”, an aggressive bonus track for versatility, Dynesti Williams sets fire to the box that many female artists come in.


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