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Joshua Vettivelu is a Toronto-based artist working within sculpture, installation and performance.

 He has exhibited across Toronto, and in Montreal, St. John’s, Washington, DC, London and St. Petersburg, Russia where he was a selected artist for the Hermitage’s Young Artist Residency in 2011. Exhibitions of note include IGNITION presented by SULU DC in collaboration with NQAPIA in Washington DC, KHUSH: A Show of Love at the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archive Gallery and a commissioned performance/installation for the 2012 Toronto International Art Fair as a part of FOCUS ASIA 2012 presented by the South Asian Visual Arts Center (SAVAC).
In 2014, Josh was supported to create a sculpture for a performance entitled Rubbing One Out, which utilizes a bronze casting of the artist’s head to explore the negotiation of narcissism and spirituality.

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